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Pregnancy Center of Meadville (PCOM) - 657 Pine St. Meadville, PA 16335 - 814-333-6567.

July 20, 2024

The donation of material goods in baby crib at the back of the Sanctuary is most appreciated.

OLQA Church clothing donations may be left in the baby crib at the back of the church Sanctuary.
See FACEBOOK for PCOM updated hours and events.
2023 Pregnancy Center of Meadville (PCOM) material goods donation guidelines.
Please call us:  814-333-6567 to check if we are currently accepting items.    https://www.facebook.com/pregnancycenterofmeadville
We will then schedule a time for a drop-off. 
Hours:  Mon&Wed
. 8:30am-3:30pm.    Tues&Thurs. 8:30am-5:00pm.    Sat. by appointment only   Fri.& Sun. closed.
Please bring only clean, safe items - maternity clothes that are currently in style.
Due to our limited space and limited boutique staff, we ask that all clothing be sorted by size.
THANK YOU for your generosity!

#6 Diapers.
Summer Maternity Tops S-M-L   Disposable nursing pads (new unopened box please)    Maternity undergarments S-M-L (new)

Pregnancy books                     Diaper bags                Child Safety items:  cabinet latch , outlet plug covers.

Summer pajamas - 1T - 6T (used or new)
Pregnancy/childcare books (used or new)
Maternity bras and underwear ( S-M-L) found at Walmart.
$$ to will buy what we need.
Diapers - all sizes                     Diaper Bags           Baby Wipes                 Diaper Rash ointment        Formula        Baby blankets

Baby shampoo, wash & lotion    Bottles/sippy cups    Onesies/Receiving sets     Burp cloths         Wash cloths/Kids bath towels

Crib sheets         Children's clothes (Preemie up to size 6T)              Children's shoes/boots

Safety items:  door knob covers, outlet plugs, corner and edge bumpers, secure cabinet lock, bathtub spout covers, cabinet lock, hot safety bath duck.

Maternity clothes - all seasons - Sizes S-M-L-XL.

ACCEPTABLE -  if clean and in safe condition:
Strollers       Bouncy Seats     High Chairs     Pack-n-plays    Small baby accessories, such as bathtubs.

Used gift bags.


Thank you for being the hands & feet of Christ. Your help will be offered to our clients as a gift from God's hand.
May the glory be His!


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