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Some thoughts on Advent from Father David...

"Welcome all wonders in one sight! Eternity shut in a span. Summer in Winter, day in night, heaven in earth, and God in man! Great little One, whose all-embracing birth, lifts earth to heaven, stoops Heaven to earth."

These lines trom 17'th Century poet, Richard Crashaw, express the wonder of God's Incarnation in a little Child. A holy exchange, divinity and humanity, in transforming Love. "Heaven in earth, and God in Man."

Are you excited? We are almost through Advent, and are now at the threshold of Christmas. The danger is that we are trapped in history, while not noticing, the mystery... The Mystery of God. Our contemplation of the Mystery of the Incarnation is never limited to a historical birthday... The Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Those with no Faith at all can celebrate Jesus' historical Birth. We contemplate something higher; something wondrous; something truly sublime: The Word-made-Flesh.

Are we excited? Yes! God is giving the greatest gift of all: His Divine Life. Theosis; Deification. Heaven in earth, and God in Man.

Come Lord Jesus. Come into my heart. Transform me this Christmas. Take away my Wintry heart with all its fears. Fill me with the warmth of your Love. Fill me with your Divine Presence. Show me Jesus. Keep me with You, forever. Amen

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