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The Passover Seder

“The Passover Seder is an ancient Jewish practice that recalls the deliverance of the chosen people from Egyptian slavery as told in the Book of Exodus. It’s meant to make the same mystery present and pass it on to the next generation.”(Mauricio). The seder meal has a very deep connection with the last supper where Jesus offers up his body and blood in atonement for our sins.

Come join us for a fun whole family event. It is a great time for learning of our Jewish heritage, while also keeping the Lords "new Passover" in mind. 

Matthew, Mark and Luke say that the Last Supper was a Passover meal: “I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you,” (Lk 22: 14-15). "They also say that it was done in the evening and in Jerusalem, as was required. The Gospels also include an explanation of the meaning of the bread by Jesus and the conclusion with a hymn."( Mauricio). In the New Passover Jesus made himself the sacrificial lamb. In the New Passover, that is celebrated in the mass, instead of us remembering our deliverance from slavery in Egypt, it is our deliverance from the slavery of sin.