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Minutes of October 7, 2014

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
The evening began at 6:00 pm with mass celebrated by Fr. Jeff Lucas. President Rosann Bost called the meeting to order at 6:45 with 25 members in attendance. The minutes from the previous meeting were distributed to the members. Rosann noted a correction to the minutes with Carol Saulsbery winning the 50/50 drawing. Rosann Bost made a motion to approve the minutes and Pat Taylor seconded the motion. With no additional changes or corrections, the minutes were approved. Linda Joyce presented a treasurer’s report with an ending balance of $4,049.03. Barb Boyer made a motion to approve the report which was seconded by Carol Saulsbery and approved.
The family of Ed Moyers has asked the Altar Rosary Society to recite the rosary at Dickson Funeral Home tomorrow, October 8 at 7:40pm. Members are encouraged to attend.
Old Business
Members were reminded that dues must be paid on or before the October meeting of each year.
Sue Treacy reported that the reception for life members is ongoing and still in the planning stages.
Members were reminded to bring dish towels and oven mitts for the church kitchen to the November meeting. The purchase of a food processor for the kitchen has not yet been done.
New Business
The November meeting of ARS will be held on Monday, November 3 since Tuesday is Election Day and the church hall will be in use.
Pat Taylor reported on the Women’s Conference that she attended in October. Several dynamic speakers were present and the topics were interesting.
Sue Treacy volunteered to chair a committee that will distribute gifts and visit with our shut-ins during the Christmas season. Linda Joyce also volunteered to serve on this committee. It was suggested that we include photos of these visits in our ARS scrapbooks.
Vicki Leap is the committee chairperson for our Parish Feast Day which will be held on December 14.  Additional information will follow.
Committee Reports/Announcements
Nancy August will chair our annual Rummage Sale which will be held on October 18. Vicki White has been advertising for this event. Nancy distributed a schedule of names and work times.
Nancy August is also chairperson for the ARS Christmas Party which will be held at 1:00 on December 7 at the Iroquois Club. More details will follow.
Sandy Ragozine announced that the November ARS meeting will feature a best decorated Christmas sweater from the Samaritan Thrift Store contest. She also read a letter from former member Marilyn Reilly which included a $100 donation for ARS. Marilyn’s new address is 4528 Regent Drive, Wilmington, NC 28412.
Fr Jeff Lucas reported that he will be gone on the day of the rummage sale, but hopes that the sale is successful.
Nancy August won the 50/50 for $9.50 and donated it back to ARS. Thank you Nancy for your generosity.
Rosann thanked our hostesses, Pam Humes, Sue Treacy and Dolly Werner.
JoAnne Cunninghan read a closing prayer in honor of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Veronica Valentine made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Dolly Werner. With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
The meeting was followed with an informative program on bees by Kathy Vorisek, a local beekeeper.
Respectfully submitted, Sue Treacy

Altar Rosary Society Needs Help Creating a Scrapbook

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

     The Altar Rosary Society is creating a scrapbook that will include the past to the present.  If you have any ARS pictures, memorabila, and memories, plus unneeded scrapbooking materials and/or time you would be willing to donate to this project, contact Mary Anne Shay at 382-8402.  Anything regarding OLQA’s ARS would be appreciated.