ARS Minutes: 8-1-17

August 18th, 2017 by Sue Drexler

The evening began at 6:30 PM with the recitation of the rosary in the church, led by Joanne Cunningham. Father David concluded with Benediction. The meeting followed the rosary in Anderson Hall and was called to order by President Sandy Ragozine at 7:15 PM with 26 members in attendance and Father David.

The minutes of the previous meeting of June 6, 2017 were provided to the members and with no corrections made, Mary Ann Shay made a motion to approve the minutes. Barb Boyer seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Linda Wasson presented the treasurer’s report from June, with a beginning balance of $3,898.54 and an ending balance of $2,955.54. July beginning balance of $2,955.54 and an ending balance of $2,459.84 Rosann Bost made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, which was seconded by Denise Thomas. Motion carried and the treasure’s report was approved.


Marlene Gross sent hand made rosaries to the young people that attended work camp. The ARS donated $300 for the group attending work camp for their free day. Joanne Cunningham provided a personal letter to all of the young people going to work camp. The summer outing at the Iroquois Club was attend by 30 and was a success and a good time was had by all.


It was decided that the pie sale would be after all three masses. The price will remain $10.00, with more advertising needed. The motion was made by Mary Ann Shay, which was seconded by Denise Thomas. Motion was approved.
Pie sale committee:
5:00 mass – Linda Wasson & Pat Gilfoyle
8:00 mass – Dee Dee Morian & Amanda Darke
10:30 mass – Sandy Ragozine & Rosann Bost
Rosann will add info about the pie sale in the bulletin.

The tall altar robe is missing, Amanda Darke made a motion to purchase another robe, which was seconded by Megan McCoy, motion was approved.

BY LAWS: Mary Ann Shay and her committee, Marlene Gross and Pat Saeger will nominate new officers. We need to pray about filling these positions.

Feast of the Holy Rosary retreat Oct. 7th 9:00 – 2:00 in the PEC with Claire Waldron, followed by mass or adoration.

BOOK CLUB: Father Downs suggested reading “Sunny Spaces.” The book club will meet on Aug 23rd at 6:00 in the basement of Silver Shores.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Barb Mulligan reported on the up and coming rummage sale, Sept 29th 9:00 – 6:00 and Sept 30th 9:00 – 1:00 with Sat. being $2.00 bag day. Collection of items will start the weekend before. Pat Gilfoyle offered the use of half of her garage for storage. Suggestion was made to make the Cafe’ larger for more seating and the hot dogs from the golf outing would be served. Committee for the rummage sale: Barb Mulligan, Linda Joyce, Marlene Gross, Sis Lane, Sandy Ragozine and Pat Saeger. Rosann wanted each person to remember how they ran the cafe’ at the rummage sale.


He introduced the Melchizedek Project, an ongoing program to support and encourage our young people who feel called to the priest hood or religious life. We need to cultivate our high school kids. We are faithfully praying for these vocations in working toward a new generation of young priests, and religious sisters and brothers.

Joanne Cunningham shared what ARS is and does for all of us and how fortunate we are to have each other in our lives and how the Blessed Mother is guiding us. Letting each of us know that she felt all our prayers.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Barb Boyer. She won $10.00. Sandy thanked our hostesses for the evening: JoAnn Elwell and Pam Humes. Father David offered a closing prayer.

Mary Ann Shay made a motion to adjourn. JoAnn Elwell seconded the motion. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted in the absence of the secretary,
Linda Wasson, Treasurer

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