Altar Rosary Minutes: 6-6-17

June 14th, 2017 by Sue Drexler

The evening began at 6:30 PM with the recitation of the rosary in the church, led by Joanne Cunningham, prelate. The meeting followed in the hall and was called to order by President, Sandy Ragozine at 7:09 PM with 19 members in attendance and Father Jeff.

The minutes of the previous meeting of May 2, 2017 were provided to the members and with no correction or additions made, Sue Treacy made a motion to approve the minutes. Linda Wasson seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Linda Wasson presented the treasurer’s report with a beginning balance of $2,267.87 and an ending balance of $3,898.54. The card party netted $1,832 and the pie sale netted $480. Sue Treacy made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Megan McCoy seconded the motion. Motion carried and the treasurer’s report was approved.


President Sandy Ragozine thanked all those to put flowers on Mary’s altar during the month of May, those who sold carnations at all the Masses on Mother’s Day weekend for Right to Life, and those who baked pies and manned the pie sale on Saturday morning of Memorial weekend and those who sold the remaining pies after the weekend Masses. The morning pie sale was not as busy as usual, so we had pies left and they were sold after the Masses.

The profit of the Card Party was down this year. Members offered their ideas as to why. The number of guests was down from previous years. Since we did not send out 50/50 tickets to the membership early, the amount of the 50/50 was several hundred dollars below normal. Some thought we needed to advertise more. There was not a chairperson this year. Despite these shortcomings, the food was fabulous and everyone had a great time.


We have two new altar servers – Hailey McCoy and Charlie Dickey – and not small enough robes to fit them. Irene Frey made a motion, seconded by Dolly Werner to purchase two small altar server robes at $50 each. Motion carried.

The ministerium is holding their annual His Work, His Way project June 12-16. Index cards were passed around with the menu items needed for the meals for the week.

The Fr. Steve Anderson Golf Scramble will be held at Whispering Pines Golf Course on Sunday, July 23, beginning at 1 PM. Barb Mulligan, chairperson, has asked the Altar Rosary Society members to provide cookies for dessert for this fundraiser.

There is no business meeting in July. Our summer outing will be a dinner on the patio at the Iroquois Boating Club on Tuesday, June 27, beginning at 6 PM. Cost of the dinner is $20, payable that evening. Guests are welcome at the same price. Those attending are to let Sandy Ragozine know by June 24, so that proper preparations can be made.

The $1,000 Altar Rosary Graduation Award will be presented at the Baccalaureate Mass on Sunday, June 11, at the 10:30 Mass. Four applications have been received.


The parish picnic will be held on Sunday, July 9, at the Iroquois Boating Club beginning at 4 PM. Bring a tureen dish to share. We will not have access to the tent this year since we are providing our own food.

Father Jeff will present a slideshow of his recent trip to Italy and France on Thursday, July 29, at 6:30 PM in Anderson Hall.

CatholicHeart Work Camp candles sold very well this year.


Fifteen teens are attending the CatholicHeart Work Camp – this year in Illinois the week of June 18-24. These volunteers spend the week providing assistance to homeowners and community groups by doing home repairs, yard work, house cleaning, etc. On their way home, they will have a “fun day” in Chicago. Sue Treacy made a motion to give the group $300 toward their fun day, to be used for their lunch and/or dinner. Joanne Cunningham seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Diane Fritz won $7.25 in the 50/50 raffle. Sandy Ragozine thanked Amanda Darke and Megan McCoy, our “good fairy hostesses”! Joanne Cunningham offered a closing prayer. Sue Treacy made a motion to adjourn. Dee Dee Morian seconded the motion. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:01 PM. Our next business meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

Respectfully submitted,
Sue Drexler, Secretary

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