ARS Minutes: 9-7-16

September 18th, 2016 by Sue Drexler

The evening began at 6:30 PM with the recitation of the rosary in the church, led by Fr. Lucas in the absence of Joanne Cunningham, prelate. The meeting followed the rosary in the hall and was called to order by President Rosann Bost at 7:03 PM with 16 members in attendance and Father Jeff.

The minutes of the previous meeting of August 2, 2016, were provided to the members and with no corrections made, Rosann Bost made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Mary Ann Shay. Motion carried and the minutes were approved.

Linda Wasson presented the treasurer’s report with a beginning balance of $5,927.64 and an ending balance of $5,647.39. Pat Taylor made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, which was seconded by Barb Mulligan. Motion carried and the treasurer’s report was approved.

The Altar Rosary Society will be highlighted by the ABLAZE committee on the weekend of September 17th & 18th. Amanda Darke and Megan McCoy were thanked for doing the poster for this. There will be a bake sale on the weekend of October 1 & 2 after all three Masses, in place of the annual Labor Day pie sale and in conjunction with the Activities Fair sponsored by ABLAZE. Prices for the baked goods were discussed. Linda Wasson will make up price signs. Claire Waldron and Denise Thomas will “man” the baked goods table at the 5 PM Mass; Sue Treacy and Amanda Darke will handle the 8 AM Mass; Pat Taylor and Mary Ann Shay will take care of the 10 AM Mass. Baked goods can be brought to the hall on Friday, September 30, before 3 PM or before Mass on Saturday.

Our Chili and Cornbread supper will be our October meeting, our recruiting meeting. Bring a friend. A sign up sheet was passed around for donations of chili and/or cornbread.

A sign up sheet for snacks for the Religious Education Sunday evening classes was also passed around.

Mary Ann Shay, head of the nominating committee, read a letter of acceptance for the office of President from Sandy Ragozine. President Rosann Bost asked for nominations from the floor. Since none were made, Pat Kaider made a motion to accept Sandy Ragozine’s nomination for President for the remainder of the term of Rosann Bost, who is resigning due to the workload of her position as parish secretary. Barb Mulligan seconded the motion. Motion carried and Sandy Ragozine will be President for the remainder of the current term.

The Altar Rosary Society will hold a retreat for members on Saturday, October 8, from 9 AM until noon, with a light lunch to follow the retreat. Claire Waldron will lead the retreat and will use the second chapter of “Jesus: A Pilgrimage” as the basis for the retreat. Sue Drexler will send out an email to members asking that they RSVP by October 4 by calling the office so that proper preparations can be made.

Installation of officers is on hold once again. We will wait until the next slate of officers is elected in 2017.

Sandy Ragozine made note of three dates of interest to the membership. On Tuesday, September 20, we will take a car trip to St. Michael’s Church in Greenville to view the Holy Door. We will leave the church parking lot at a10 AM, carpooling to Greenville and stopping for lunch at the Greenville County Club. Confessions will be available in Greenville. We should return to the church around 2 PM. October 2, at 3 PM, is the parish Pet Blessing in the parking lot. October 23, following the 8 & 10 AM Masses, Hofmann’s Church and Religious Goods of Erie will be in the hall to sell religious articles.

Father Jeff will hold another “Theology Uncorked” this fall on the 4 Thursdays of October. “Mary” will be the topic. The ministeria of Linesville and Conneautville have a program where they provide meals over the weekends to those students who are not being fed at home for whatever reason. The ministerium of Conneaut Lake will join in this endeavor. Father Jeff would like to replace the Juan Diego statue in the sanctuary with another statue, perhaps Saint Theresa of Calcutta or Saint John Paul II. He asked if anyone knew who paid for this. Sandy Ragozine will check with Margy Nawrath to see if she remembers who paid for the Juan Diego statue. Father Jeff noted that the religious education classrooms are all very nice with new flooring and new paint. He stated that it wasn’t feasible to continue to let the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts meet in the parish any longer. The Boy Scouts are now meeting at the Sportsman’s Club and the Cub Scouts are meeting at Trinity United Methodist Church. Father Jeff again thanked Rosann for her service.

Veronica Valentine was the winner of the 50/50 for $7.50. Veronica donated her winnings back to Altar Rosary.

Rosann thanked our hostesses for the evening: Veronica Valentine, Rita Valentine and Marlene Gross.

Rosann passed the gavel, purchased by Susie Saulsbery, to Sandy Ragozine, our new President.

Father Jeff offered a closing prayer.

Mary Ann Shay made a motion to adjourn. Linda Wasson seconded the motion. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 7:58 PM.

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