ARS Minutes: 8-2-16

August 30th, 2016 by Sue Drexler

Altar Rosary Minutes: August 2, 2016

The evening began at 6:30 PM with the recitation of the rosary in the church, led by Father Jeff in Joanne Cunningham’s absence. The meeting followed the rosary in the hall and was called to order by President Rosann Bost at 6:54 PM with 25 members in attendance and Father Jeff. One visitor, Dan Corner, was also present.

The minutes of the previous meeting of June 7, 2016 were provided to the members and with no corrections, Rosann Bost made a motion to approve the minutes. Nancy August seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Linda Wasson presented the treasurer’s report with a beginning balance of $7,318.49 and an ending balance of $5,927.64. Barb Mulligan made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Pat Saeger seconded the motion. Motion carried and the treasurer’s report was approved.

Dan Corner, chairman of the parish BBQ and chairman of ABLAZE, the parish’s evangelization group, spoke to the members about ABLAZE. For a series of 6 weeks, they will highlight different groups in the parish at all the weekend Masses, in the hopes of making known to the parishioners of OLQA, what groups and activities are available. On the weekend of October 1 & 2, there will be an activities fair after all Masses. The weekend to advertise the Altar Rosary Society is September 17 & 18. The ARS will prepare a poster highlighting the different activities that we do throughout the year to invite, welcome and recruit new members. The ARS gives a $50 honorarium to speakers at our meetings. Sue Treacy made a motion, seconded by Irene Frey, to give the $50 to the Holy Smoke BBQ in lieu of the honorarium to the speaker. Motion carried.

Ryan Thomas was the recipient of this year’s $1,000 graduation award. There were two applications for the award. Both candidates were very close in the judging, but the fact that Ryan’s mother is a member of the ARS gave him a few extra points. After the September meeting, President Rosann Bost is stepping down. She cites the workload as the parish secretary as the reason. Mary Ann Shay has been ill, so the nominating committee will try to fill this position at the September meeting.

There will be no Labor Day pie sale this year. Sue Treacy made a motion, seconded by Sandy Ragozine to have a bake sale after all Masses on the weekend of October 1 & 2, the weekend of the activities fair, noted above. Motion carried.
At the September meeting, typically we have a chili and cornbread supper, which is our recruiting meeting. Because of the activities fair on October 1 & 2, we will hold our chili and cornbread and recruiting meeting at our October meeting instead. This meeting will begin at 6 PM with Mass. The chili & cornbread supper will follow Mass in the hall. We will have dinner sign-up sheets available at the September meeting. Amanda Darke explained that the high school Religious Education classes meet on Sunday evenings during the school year. She asked for help from the ARS members to provide snacks for these approximately 60-70 6th – 12th grade students for their meeting nights. It would be a time of fellowship, so those ARS members can get to know the students and vice versa. A sign-up sheet was passed around with the dates of the high school religious ed. classes. Sue Treacy stated that she has been approached on a few occasions regarding reinstating the rummage sale. It had previously been decided to have this fundraiser every other year. Nancy August volunteered to chair this event, but the membership decided to forgo the rummage sale this year, as planned, since there were already several events for the ARS this fall.

Sis Lane thanked the members for their help with her sock collection for the Gifts for Kids program at Christmastime. The ARS half-day retreat will be September 18 conducted by Claire Waldron. Installation of officers will be held on October 16 at the 10:30 Mass. We will recite the rosary before Mass and have brunch after Mass in the hall.

A Night at the Races is tentatively scheduled for the second weekend after Easter in 2017. Father Jeff thinks the parish is going down the right path with ABLAZE. He stated that we are the best ARS of any parish he has been in. We need to find a way to bring back fallen away members and recruit new ones.

Mary Purnell questioned the $50 honorarium given to the speakers. It was stated that this was agreed on previously.

Pat Saeger won the 50/50 for $10.50 and donated the money back. Rosann thanked out hostesses for the evening: Sis Lane and Pat Kaider.

Nancy August offered a closing prayer.

Jane Harmon made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Sue Treacy. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 7:46 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Sue Drexler, Secretary

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