Parish Feast Day 2011

December 24th, 2011 by Jim & Mary Brown

This year’s Parish Feast Day, held on December 11, 2011, was a huge success! A re-enactment of the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe appearing to Juan Diego was presented by the third grade religious education class. They did a great job. A fabulous dinner, with a great assortment of casseroles accompanied by the traditional ham was enjoyed by all. A Holiday Breakfast Basket was raffled to support Sister Parish Projects and this effort raised $115.00. This was the first dinner event for the parish utilizing our new kitchen. It is really a state of the art kitchen and will serve us well for many years to come.
Watch the Sister Parish bulletin board in the months of the new year. Each month will display a poster of festivals and celebrations in Mexico, many of these observed by our own Sister Parish.

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  1. Mary Anne Shay says:

    Rosarian scrapbook (1964-2011) contains a beautiful, two-page record of 2011 Our Lady of Guadelupe feast day celebration. Photos by Sandy Ragozine. Design by Rosann Bost.

    • Mary Brown says:

      Looking forward to seeing that scrapbook! Thanks again to all for your help on that day (before, during, and after). Let me know when the ARS wants to hear about our visit to the Sister Parish in Tekit.

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