September 9th, 2011 by Jim & Mary Brown

Sister Parish Project


In May of 2011, a fund raising project for the Sister Parish Project included a recognition of the battle of Mexico against the French, Cinco de Mayo.  A month long event, starting with the 5th of May, involved a local restaurant, Silver Shores, contributing 10% of each bill to OLQA’s Sister Parish Project.  Silver Shores Restaurant is owned by parishioners, Sharon & Jack Slater.  They matched the amount of money raised for a total of $330.00. 

On August 6, 2011, the coordinators of Sister Parish Project, Mary & Jim Brown, attended an annual workshop for churches of Erie diocese involved in the project.  This workshop, hosted by Church of the Beloved Disciple in Grove City, Pa., was facilitated by Mission of Friendship coordinators Pat Marshall and Cari Serafin.  The theme of the day was celebrations of Mexico.  A poster presentation represented all celebrations held in the churches of Mexico.  A guest speaker, Fr. Matias of Erie, told of the unique challenges of being a pastor of a church in Mexico.  In addition, Beth Boyd, a volunteer for the Mission of Friendship, spoke about her experience in Tekit and the origination of her blog that depicts activities of our sister parish and other churches involved in the Mission of Friendship.  Her blog is:

The church website was updated in September to include a Sister Parish Project link.  Mary & Jim will keep the site updated with information regarding our Sister Parish, St. Anthony of Padua and activities at OLQA that raise awareness and support our Sister Parish.  The church bulletin has also been expanded in September, which will allow for additional information called: Sister Parish Notes.

In a planning meeting with Fr. Steve, it was decided to once again erect the Altar of Dead on November 2nd, All Souls Day in the sacristy.  This Mexican tradition will remind our parishioners of our Sister Parish and we will pray for our deceased family members, as well as, the deceased members of the families of St. Anthony of Padua.

A brief discussion was held regarding a potential visit to our Sister Parish in December, 2012.  It was identified as an ideal time to visit, since the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is such a significant feast day for our parish and for the people of Mexico.  Celebrations in honor of Our Lady are held throughout the month in Mexico, but especially on December 12th, her feast day.  Planning meetings will be held regarding this trip and information will be forthcoming as plans develop.

Also in the planning stages is the annual feast day dinner here at OLQA.  Help will be needed to make this dinner the special occasion it always is.  A preliminary idea is to have a reenactment of the visitation of Our Lady to Juan Diego using the religious education students as the actors.   As always, the Altar Rosary Society will be key to the success of the dinner and assistance from the Religious Education staff will be needed to engage the children of the parish in the festivities.

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