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May 11th, 2010 by Garrett Miller

Dear Parishioners,

If you are reading this, OLQA’s new WordPress-enabled community site is live!  Feel free to have a look around, comment on posts, or contact us with any information or other features that you would like to see!

Best Regards,


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  1. This is Kathy Goblinger asking a question for George Snodgrass. He was wondering is there was any Mass in reguard of Mary Grady and son Billy.
    If you could let me or him know that would be appriciated.

    Thank You
    Kathy Goblinger

  2. Tom Tobolewski says:

    As I was sitting in Church waiting for Mass to begin, I wondered if any has brought up the subject of installing handicap access to the doors on the west side entrance. I noticed last night and other days that some of our elderly have a slight problem holding a door open and managing their walkers or wheelchair. Since the doors open out and someone is with this person they are usually behind them and cannot always reach the door to hold it open for them. Just a thought.
    God Bless

  3. Tammy Veverka says:

    Today, my husband and I took our children to mass in Mercer, PA, where we will be moving in the spring. Although we will make the best of any situation and trust where God is taking our family, we realized what a family we have in Our Lady Queen of the Americas, here in CL. Although the church was beautiful, it didn’t feel homey. The ceremony was nice but not like ours and although the priest seems very nice…he is not our Fr. Steve. I encourage any parishener with complaints to visit another church for ONE sunday. I value our Chior, I value the warm, welcoming feeling, and as a family, we look forward to the word from Father Steve. He gives every sermon as if it is his firt time, with heart, conviction and simple love for the Lord. It does not appear rehearsed, rushed, or over spoken. We will make the adjustment to Mercer, as planned but we will be forever grateful to the family we have at Our Lady Queen of the America’s for welcoming us to CL and back into the church and our faith, four years ago. Thank you…we are a different family because of it.

  4. MichelleBish says:

    My name is Michelle. After alot of thought, reading and praying I have made the decision to start the process of becoming a Catholic. I live in the Conneaut lake area. I am divorced and share custody of three amazing children. For many years I have bounced around many churches, looking for the right fit. Nothing ever felt right. I dont know what else to say hear. I hope to start the process here… believe its the best decision I could make for my spirritual wellbeing and my childrens. Hope to meet you all soon!

    • Gigi Beatty says:

      Hi, Michelle ~

      As a lifetime Catholic, I want you to know how excited I am to welcome you to what I hold as the denomination where you will find the truth, love and sanctity.

      My husband, Tom, and I live in Pittsburgh, but attend, and are involved at Our Lady Queen of the Americas Church during our weekends at the lake. We’ve truly found a home away from home, here!

      I believe you will find Father Steve as we do–a man of God, who loves sharing his relationship with the Holy Trinity with all of us. His homilies always touch our hearts and make us want to be better Catholic followers of Christ!

      Wishing you success on your journey, and looking forward to meeting you after Mass one day!!

      Blessings and joy,
      Gigi Beatty
      Pittsburgh, PA

  5. Paul Hohman says:

    This site is great. Our family is “occasional parishoners” ever since our grandparents started coming to “The Lake” even before the “Great Depression,” Conneaut Lake has been a second home. They moved from Pittsburgh to Sharon with Westinghouse and The Lake has been home to my family wherever we lived.
    The Hohman’s started camping summers, then got a 999 year lease and Grandpa built a cottage. We’ve enjoyed it ever since and my parents (Jack and Anne Hohman) even lived here for many years.
    The webpage along with on-line bulletins now helps keep up with what’s going on.
    My wife, Brenda, and I got married at OLQA,asked Sonshine to be our musicians. , and my friend Judy Hughes (Mama Bear) catered our reception in the church hall, Fred’s Bakery did our cake and we had our after reception at the Hohman cottage on Comstock.
    Our children and now our grandson have fallen in love with the Lake and the friendly homey atmosphere at OLQA.
    We now own the “cottage” outright and use it year round off-and-on and will make it our retirement home. Where better to retire!?
    Having experienced OLQA’s masses @ Dreamland, the Church and the “extension,” we have adopted it as our own.
    Through the Knights of Columbus I’ve made many friends whom I meet again when we come “Home to the Lake.” Pastors then and now have made us feel very “at home” as have parishoners both year ’round and summer.
    Thanks OLQA and everyone for being here for five generations of Hohmans. …and thanks for the new “connection.”
    Our love and prayers are with you always,
    Paul and Brenda Hohman

  6. pete simonetta says:

    I can hear a sermon but cannot view it on windows media center, any suggestions on how to open it ?

    • Garrett Miller says:

      Hi there Mr. Simonetta,

      What you’re seeing is normal – the sermons posted to the website are audio-only, so if you can hear them, that’s great! Unfortunately, video is not available at this time. Maybe that’s an idea for the future!


  7. Catherine Ferrick says:

    Hello and Season’s Greetings:

    The audio sermons are very special beacons of light in my life because they give me a way to process the word of God in my own time. Each sermon Father gives is indeed able to touch the hearts of many because his chosen topics shine light on core beliefs of our Catholicism .

    Sincere thanks. 10

  8. dan haylett says:

    to all my brothers and sisters in christ, may we come together and help heal this wound, that has benn placed in our hearts,god`s plan is so above our understanding, do not try to reason it out it is impossible , plus it makes the hurt worse, remember all the times god put his people to the test, ever peter, denied him 3 times, let us rejoice in the knowledge, that fr steve is finnaly at home with the father, and he wants us all to be with him someday, ther will be tough times ahead, get your head on straight and talk to god, love one another and the farther has love you.

  9. Melva Davern says:

    We are so very saddened about Father Steve. Although we are just summer people, Father Steve was part of our life at Conneaut Lake. Our Prayers are with him and all of the OLQA Parrish Family. He will be missed.. Rest in Peace Fr Steve 3 >3

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